Hi, my name is Camille and I'm a high school art teacher who lives in Los Angeles. I love cutting paper, making stamps, puppeteering, and sewing costumes. I like sweets and sweet things. i love rabbits. I'm human. Oh! And you're human too! Let's be friends.

CHAMPAKALI ( chah-m-pah-ka-lee ) was a nickname given to me when I lived in India. It means plumeria blossom.

kaorushin asked: Hey~ Thank you so much for your help on the last day at AX. I asked about the printmaking rubber blocks. I've since, got a few and have started making some stuff~ I'm curious about what ink you prefer or if you alternate between oil and water based inks depending on the print. Also, your work is inspiring! Never stop :)

Ahhh you’re so sweet~ I’ve used both! But majority of the time I use waterbased inks. I don’t have any reason specifically. I like both. XD Thank you again for coming by! <3

Anonymous asked: How much is one of your pieces? I really want to get the spirited away one!!!

I will be putting up all my items on-line soon! I’m not sure what the prices will be because I need to figure out the shipping logistics. XD But!! I will hopefully get all that information up soon~ Thank you for your patience! <3

rounddown asked: HEY!! this is Cheryl from AX! so happy to meet you and get a terrarium!! I'll take good care of it and No Face too :3

Ahhhh! Thank you so much for the wait! :D I’m really glad that you like it! <3 It was soooo nice meeting you! I hope we meet again soon~